Tuesday, June 22, 2021
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2 Men Hospitalized After Large Explosion At Valley Glen Home

Los Angeles Fire Department crews responded Sunday evening to a Valley Glen home after a large explosion.

By CBS Los Angeles , in Los Angeles , at April 12, 2021

original article published at https://losangeles.cbslocal.com/2021/04/12/valley-glen-home-destroyed-explosion/

VALLEY GLEN (CBSLA) — Los Angeles Fire Department crews responded late Sunday to a Valley Glen home after a large explosion rocked an entire neighborhood.

Los Angeles Fire Department crews responded Sunday evening to a Valley Glen home after an apparent explosion. (CBSLA)

“I was just in my bedroom just organizing some stuff, and I felt a big explosion,” one man said. “I thought it was an earthquake in the beginning, but then I said it didn’t, like, rattle for so long.”

According to LAFD, the single-family home in the 12700 block of W. Archwood Street suffered severe damage after a large explosion, though there was no active fire when crews arrived.

Fire crews said there was a smell of gas in the air upon arrival. A broken gas line was found, but it was not clear if a leak caused the explosion, or if the explosion damaged the gas line. However, evidence of a marijuana grow was found at the home, authorities said.

“That explosion does not appear to be caused by that gas leak, the gas leak was subsequent to the actual explosion,” Capt. Erik Scott, LAFD public information officer, said. “The explosion does not appear to have been caused by a THC extraction lab.”

Two men were taken to a local hospital, a 59-year-old man with critical burn injuries and a 46-year-old man with non-life threatening injuries. The second man was found in shoulder-deep debris after firefighters heard a tapping sound, fire officials said. Crews had to use a chain saw to remove the debris in order to extricate the man, who was alert and talking to firefighters.

Another man sustained minor injuries, but declined to go to the hospital. A 65-year-old woman and three children were all uninjured, partly in thanks to their neighbor, Guy Philippe, who climbed through the debris and ignored the smell of gas in order to get the children out.

“I didn’t want anything to happen to the kids,” Philippe said. “I made a decision last night, that if anything happened to me, then so be it.”

Once they were safe, he went back in to search for the woman, who he said had a “major structure” on top of her.

“I did what anybody else would have done,” he said.

A woman who lived in a neighboring home was evaluated for injuries, but was not taken to the hospital.


The home has been red tagged and residents of 13 neighboring homes were asked to evacuate. Seven homes in the area sustained damage from debris, but were not deemed unsafe for occupancy, LAFD said.

Firefighters said there was no fire hazard and the gas leak had been secured. LAFD said crews were remaining on the scene to investigate the cause of the explosion.